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Festivals that we performed on:

Theater Kikker has a lot of guts as well as sensitivity in programming electronic music.
New Forms is a professional festival in The Hague. An initiative of 't Paard in The Hague, that was housed in the Theater aan 't Spui.
Noisecape is a squad festival in The Hague.
Garage-G The outstanding international festival in the very outskirtes of Germany brings a extreme mixture of arts. And they look after their visitors and performers very well. All that makes this one-month festival one of the most professional ever.
Earrational is a interesting festival in Den Bosch.
Transmediale is a festival for electronic arts in Berlin. Has an outstanding depth in it's discussions.

Ars Electronic is a festival for art, technology and society in linz, Austria, that had it's first edition in 1979. They have a big, yet messy site. We didn't perform here (yet).


Steim is an institute that does a lot for LIVE electronic music. They made the sensorlab as well as the kraakdoos. The latter was a big influence on us.
Sonology is where we all met. It differs from Steim in the sense that it's focus is more on composition then on live-performing. We are live-performers, yet we gained a lot of depth in structuring our music and using technology as a tool rather then a goal.
V2 is a institute that uses it's bandwith for video allmost exclusively.
The Waag is a very interesting institute that is housed in a very remarkable building in Amsterdam, but since they are so active on the internet, 'where' someone is hardy seems to matter to them.

Record labels:

Grond.org is also from The Hague. This is a new-style record compagny that puts all it's cd's and vinyl online _itself_.
Staalplaat is Geert-Jan Hobijn initiative that is steady as a rock for years.
Rune is a Norwegian record label that puts out a wide range of improvised electronic music.
Fluff Girl Wax a Dutch breakbeat label.


Sonic Wargame A project by Xaf in which most of us performed in and contributed to it's development.
Garage DH the founders of the Noise Cape festival. They are buying a 7" vinyl press machine! Leon's gear volunteers as their splashpage.
Illusie a squad house in the Hague that contains performance spaces like the SCSI bar, the Whitespace and the Archief. You better google for better links, as this is a kutsite.
Synth diy a very busy but amazingly healthy emaillist where music is sort of off topic. Here's the searchable archive.
European Free Improvisation Home is a nice and big resource page on electronic music.
Improvisers Ensemble Loads of people we know are involved in this ensemble.


messiahcorporation.jesussave.us the Second Coming.
www.sampleandhold.org Jan Trützschler's page. Also featuring Juan Parra and MoT.
A network in a young man.
Kees Tazelaar Kees on his own works and his reconstruction works.
G. M. Koenig A very precise composer who wrote lot on his composition theories.
rlow is one third of Clarence Barlow's site. The rest is a well kept secret.
Fireflies if a music weblog is anywhere at all, this one's in The Hague too. (in dutch)


South Park The Dutch TV is years behind. We're not.
Invader Zim The best cartoon you won't see if you do not download it.